"I’ve been incredibly lucky. I work in an industry I love, with people and subjects I care about. Not everyone can say that."

About Neill Watson

I create, write, shoot and produce content both for traditional publishers and businesses alike, both for print and online. My previous career in specialist car sales and motorsport gave me some great experiences, wonderful friends and training that leads me to specialise in helping clients improve their businesses online and create features for print publishers and content marketing platforms. Cars and driving are my first loves, but I also regularly cover aviation, tourism and leisure, travel and architecture. Indeed, I’m happy to go anywhere and feature anything. If you love a Cosworth DFV as much as a Merlin V12 and admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling, then we’re on the same page. My love of architecture, inspired by my Draughtsman teacher, has never left me.

About My Work

Using contacts nurtured over many years, I’ve built a considerable archive of images, complete photo shoots, features and those once in a lifetime grab shots that we all love. Historic Racer gives readers and enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire prints of the amazing cars and subjects I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph. You can order a print online in a variety of useful sizes and have it shipped anywhere in the world. Or if you’d like to read some car features, the eBook collection gives you instant access to collections of the popular stories, easy to read on your laptop, PC or tablet device.

I specialise in stories that strive to put the reader in the car with me, looking over my shoulder and enjoying the experience. I’ve talked to readers about such diverse subjects as driving a Lamborghini LP640 at 200mph, created videos exploring the grip of frozen lakes in Sweden and we’ve been caught speeding by the Gendarmes in France.





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