Stock Image Licensing

Images and complete features from the archive are available to licence for a variety of uses. Whether you are a professional buyer of images for publications, a web design professional or a first time buyer of picture licensing, I aim to make the process a very simple one. The following is a guide on how to buy the rights to use images from me. I aim to make the choices simple with the minimum of decisions to make before purchase, but feel free to contact me if you have any queries. 

Licence Packs
Rather than have endless drop down boxes for a myriad of choices, I've divided licences up into 'packs' of image use rights. Today, it's pretty clear that online use is nearly always required to run alongside editorial publications. And a good company blog doesn't want to have a time limit placed upon it's blog image galleries. So I'm pragmatic and sensible and have bundled together the most popular requests I receive into easy to buy parcels using the industry standard Plus Packs system.

Bloggers - Blog Use.

If you are a not-for profit blogger, perhaps an enthusiast who'd like to comment on my work, or are a fan of a car genre, then you can request free use of images from me on certain occasions. In return, the image must carry a byline and hyperlink back to my website with the clear note 'copyright' Your blog must be a genuine non-profit blog, not a charity or a newly launched venture yet to turn a profit. I'm happy to support several charities each year on an individual basis, contact me if you're in that sector. I like bloggers to share my work, so I'm happy for you to use the images with permission. Create an account, which takes just moments, then create a lightbox with the images you'd like to feature on your blog. Then send it to me with a link to your blog and the use you have in mind to gain access to an un-watermarked download.

Unauthorised use of my work will always attract a fee. We register images with the USA Copyright Office.

Editorial Uses

Our online calculator allows you to quickly price, select, pay and then instantly download images for your editorial feature. If you have multiple uses of several images, please contact us. We like to negotiate and keep things as simple as possible.

Commercial / Advertising

Only slightly more complex, but calculated using the Plus Packs industry standard making it easy for commercial image buyers to licence and download images. The system makes it very easy to price images for your project, pay online and then instantly download images.

Unless you're a professional image buyer, you're sure to have questions. The FAQ page will help you with this, or if you can't find the answer to your question, you can use the contact form here. Or better still, pick up a telephone and talk to a human being (UK time) on 0044 (0)7812 766760.

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